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Bank Of Elder 
Our goal is to maintain and build overall wealth through our members by providing services to members. Such as investment opportunities, jobs and bank services. Feel free to browse around and see what we're all about. Also let us know how we are doing and suggest new ways to better improve services by visiting our forums . Everyone that joins can add members and even get paid for it! Just check out the jobs section.

Members will receive 5 gold every Friday for just being so great!
Also things to look forward to are FREE POTIONS! FREE MATS! and MORE!!!
(You must become a member through the website before you can receive gold)

Currently we are trying to fill the following positions. To apply please send your desired position and any information that may make you stand out to 
(You will be paid weekly as well as control over the website page if you would wish)

Director of Defense 
Responsible for PvP. Town take overs, BG operations, PvP raids and anything else that can take on the enemy!   

Entertainment Director 
Responsible for contest, pictures, videos, news letter etc. Looking for a creative person to full fill the entertainment of the members.

Human Resources
Responsible for gathering information from members and improving services. Also responsible for member conflict.  

Raid Specialist
Responsible for going on raids and gathering members for raids and other raid related material.
Research & Development Team Member
Able to analyze overall operations and apply strategies to improve overall satisfaction.

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